Lilly – the smallest piglet – won the feeding competition for the second time last week! Within 3 weeks she has been fed 738 kilos of potatoes and has managed to push Life radio Pauli back to the second place with 16 points. Fredi came third and Piggy backed up the rear. After her mad chase to catch up with the others last week she has fallen back quite a lot. So, once more: KEEP FEEDING THE PIGLETS!


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“Freeedi, Freeedi, Freeedi” echoed through the pig-arena in Ahorn, as the audience’s favourite scuttled past his companions waving his trotters and scoring again and again! With his unbelievable 8 goals, Fredi beat Piggy and Lilly by one goal. Pauli came last, scoring only 4 goals, but he immediately turned the tables by coming first in the feeding competition!

During the first half of the match more than 400 spectators watched the piglets trying out their tactics! The kickers cleverly saved their energy for the second half and then tackled and attacked their opponents with all their might!

Then everything happened at once and the spectators loved every minute of it. Fredi managed to score an equalising goal just 5 minutes before the final whistle and then went on to score the final and winning goal to make him champion of the match!

Pauli seemed to lose his energy towards the end of the match, but Piggy risked everything and drew up second with Lilly in a very close running. Pauli had obviously been saving himself for the next feeding relay , where he wanted to be up front!

The commentator Franz Gumpenberger and the musicians provided a great atmosphere and the 4 pink favourites celebrated their success with a glass of pure Mühlviertel water and a mixture of rolled oats!



Click on www.pigbrother.at and watch 4 piglets via a cam video! After you have registered you can choose your favourite pig and accompany it for the next 6 weeks.

The Pig Olympics take place on 5 consecutive Sundays. Lilli, Piggy, Pauli and Fredi can gain more and more points each week. If you feed your favourite pig daily it can become the “Pig of the Week” and will win extra points.

Tip: Register now and join in the fun! The sooner you join the better your chance of winning super prizes! This is how it works: If your pig has his snout ahead of the others at the end of the week that means that you have an extra chance of winning great prizes.

At the end of the Pig Olympics the pig with the most points will be elected to be the Super Pig. If you have been backing the winning pig then you will get an extra lottery ticket for the final draw on 7th June at the big “Speck-Spektakel” (Bacon Trade Fair) at Burg Piberstein.


The farm was built in 1753 and has been owned by the Bindeus family for the last 3 generations. Andreas Bindeus now runs the farm. He is one of 5 children and is married to Johanna. The couple have 3 children: Stefan (8years) Sebastian (4 years) and Sophie (5 months).

His parents, Josef and Edeltraud, also still live and work on the farm. Andreas supplies the Bio- Energy Scheme in Helfenberg with wood chippings, which he is particularly proud of. Beside the 4 pigs, the farm has 20 cows, calves, pigeons, cats and hens.

The pigeons are the grandfather’s hobby and the hens are the grandmother’s pride, because she doesn’t want to miss her fresh daily eggs. The farm is situated near Burg Piberstein. It consists of 37 square hectares: 7 of them are forestland and 10 are used for growing crops.


Everyone who registers under pigbrother has the opportunity of choosing a pig to back. You then accompany him as a good friend for the rest of the running.
Each week the most favourite pig will be elected. Each registered user can feed his pig 1 kilo of potatoes everyday. The pig, which has been fed the most potatoes in the past week then becomes the “Pig of the Week” and gets 400 points. The second pig gets 300, the third 200 and the last 100.

In addition there is a Pigs’ Challenge every Sunday, which all the pigs take part in. Again, the pigs get points according to their placement. 1. The favourite Pig of the Week 2. The Challenge


Altogether 5 challenges take place during the Pig Olympics. In every challenge the pigs are placed as first, second, third or fourth and get awarded the following points:

1. Position: 400 points
2. Position: 300 points
3. Position: 200 points
4. Position: 100 points

The points for the last challenge will be doubled, to make the running more interesting and exciting! The pig which has the most points after the 5 challenges will be named SUPER PIG and may be admired by everybody!


An average farm in Austria cultivates approximately 19 hectares of land and is usually run by the farmer and his family.

Austria’s agriculture is made up of many small and medium-sized farms. The majority of the farms, around 113,000 = 60%, cultivate less than 20 hectares. In 2005 an agricultural survey counted 189,600 farms altogether.

Breeding pigs has become an important source of income for many farmers. About 54000 farms breed approximately 3.2 million pigs. The consumer expects increasingly higher quality and therefore the farmers are forced to look for new methods of optimising the breeding conditions.

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